Acta Prosperitatis 10


Izdevniecība: Biznesa augstskola Turība
Gads: 2019
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Vāki: mīkstie vāki

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The Scientific Journal of Turiba University Acta Prosperitatis is a place to read thoroughly researched, quantitatively expressed, and qualitatively rated
research articles. It is about the application of scientific study for creating innovative models for reliable prediction and control of the world where we
live in, the application of those models to communities and organizations. We want to know the truth about the best way to live and feel better. We all hope that Acta Prosperitatis will delight you, provide new insights, lead you on to new things, and discover new possibilities. Every article which you find in this volume has been thoroughly researched and includes real perspectives. We truly believe that there are articles on what we think you will want to read. In addition, you may have singlehandedly or together with colleagues conducted some fascinating, great research, which can make the world around us better and our journal may be the right place to publish and deliver your research, proposals, and innovative ideas to your peers and the society.

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