Latvian Officer. No. 35473


Autors: Roberts Gabris
Izdevniecība: Jumava SIA
Gads: 2014
Lappuses: 344
Vāki: mīkstie vāki

Svītru kods: 9789934116520


This is a story about how a super power tramples upon and destroys a small nation's freedom and independence. It is a true story; no part of it is fiction – the players and their fates, time and place – is all real. The fate of the Latvian officers who died in the northern Siberian city of Norilsk is similar to that of the victims of Katyn. For many years, these Soviet atrocities were hidden and many did not know of them. Few returned from Soviet concentration camps. However, fate was kind to Roberts Gabris, a witness to and victim of this tragedy. He believed that it was necessary to record the harsh fate of his fellow officers for future generations, and to record the poise stubbornness, honour, and pride of the elite officers under the most inhumane circumstances.
Let un honour those, whose heads rest on eternal cold…
Author Roberts Gabris' daughter
Ausma Līdumniece

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