Manor Gardens and Parks of Latvia


Autors: Ilze Māra Janelis
Izdevniecība: Neputns SIA
Gads: 2010
Lappuses: 304
Vāki: cietais sējums

Svītru kods: 9789984807584


This is a new edition in the series of Latvian Cultural Heritage books published by Neputns. It tells about the manor gardens and parks of Latvia. The text is vivid and straightforward, with unique historical material. Already since 1968 the author, Ilze Māra Janelis has been collecting historical material on Latvia’s manor gardens in the State Historical Archives of Latvia and various libraries. She is experienced and well-known professional in the field. The book includes images from the collections of the State Historical Archives of Latvia, the Latvian National Library, the Latvian Academic Library, the National History Museum of Latvia and from the personal archives of the author.

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Svars1923 g
Dimensijas24.5 × 30.5 cm